Evening and Weekend Workshops

We host free events for local educators looking for an opportunity to learn a hands-on skill they can bring back to the classroom. Recent topics include screen printing, book making, paper circuitry and block printing. Participants always take home what they make, and all materials are included. These experiences are held outside of the school day, and are designed for Bay Area educators who bring a creative mindset to their teaching practice. Our next workshop is on Friday, October 13 from 5-8pm at Girls Garage in Berkeley. Register here!

One-Day Workshops

We lead full- and half-day events for whole faculties and large departments. We use hands-on activities to spark conversations about “making” as a habit in the classroom, and participants leave with the projects they make: framed custom classroom posters, wood planter boxes, screen printed shirts and more. We host workshops at Girls Garage, our home base in Berkeley, CA, but we have the ability to travel for an additional fee. These workshops range from $1,000 – $3,000 depending on group size and activities.

  • > Teachers from Caliber: Beta Academy in Richmond built planter boxes in the Girls Garage wood shop for their school campus
  • > Teachers from High Tech High in San Diego designed custom posters that promoted a commitment to fearless change in their classrooms
  • > Teachers from Central Point School District in Oregon participated in a Project-Runway-inspired design challenge as a way of using creative constraints to spark innovative thinking

Extended Engagements

We collaborate with schools and districts on long-term initiatives to bring project-based learning and maker-oriented teaching into widespread practice. We build teachers’ capacity to design and facilitate authentic, hands-on learning experiences in their classrooms.

  • > We sponsored a fellowship program for 24 teachers selected by the Sonoma County Office of Education to develop and practice inquiry-based pedagogy. Participants joined us four times during the school year for activities related to planning rigorous projects, facilitating collaboration and critique, and documenting work for a public audience.
  • > We engaged a cohort of STEM and Computer Science teachers at Caliber: Beta Academy in Richmond in a three-month cycle to design and implement interdisciplinary projects that serve as a model for high quality project-based experiences school-wide. Our collaboration involved in-person and virtual coaching, customized professional development and weekly meetings with school leaders.  

“This was a day I sorely needed both personally and professionally. … It allowed me to take a step away from the classroom and reflect on the nature and process of creating, while still keeping my mind on ways I can infuse this type of work into my teaching.”

– Bret Turner, Oakland


Stay tuned for upcoming events