IDEO Values Videos

On using video to tell a public story about the habits of mind we value in our classrooms.

Tell me more: The design firm IDEO has seven core values: Be optimistic, collaborate, embrace ambiguity, learn from failure, make others successful, take ownership, and “talk less, do more.” IDEO invited teams at its global offices to produce short films that illustrate these values in unique ways. Find all of them here:

Classroom Applications: We’ve watched these videos with thesis students who need help to move past their fear of moving forward with their work (“talk less, do more”), with educators who are excited to learn more about creative pedagogy (“embrace ambiguity”), and with struggling groups (“make others successful”). We’re interested in the ways that students might make their own videos based on classroom values (an alternative to rules), or after a project is completed as a way of reflecting on what they’ve learned about group dynamics and motivation.

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