Draw a tool and its partsDraw a tool and its parts

Draw a tool and its parts

Understand the use, function and parts of standard hand or power tools.

Tell me more: This is an activity we love to use in both Studio H and Girls Garage. We don’t just help young people use tools – we help them understand how they work. When we demystify a tool’s anatomy, we see students abandon their apprehension about using them. In this activity, we invite them to draw a tool in detail, labeling the parts using academic or industry language. If the manufacturer’s instructional manuals are available for reference, that’s even better!

Go further:  We’re big fans of the Agency by Design research that is interested in the idea of “looking closely at objects and systems in order to notice their intricacies, nuances, and details.” The Agency by Design thinking routines – like “Parts, Purposes, Complexities” – are perfect to use alongside the tool activity.