60 Second Film Festival

Tightly edited videos are quick to make and quick to watch, and it’s far less pressure than making a feature-length film.

Tell me more: The idea of making a long film can be super intimidating: Storyboards, sets, hours of editing, and lots of coordination. But that’s where platforms like Snapchat come in! When we limit the length of a video to only 60 seconds, we suddenly have to be extremely creative with the limited amount of time we have. The director Michel Gondry explored this idea You’ll Like This Film Because You’re In It, which outlines his protocol for making short films in a single day with no budget and borrowed plot summaries. Inspired by the 60 Second International Film Festival, Sixty Second Film Festival, and FILMINUTE, this project uses the power of creative constraints to drive lean storytelling.

Classroom Applications: While it’s difficult to watch and critique long-form films in class, even when they’re created in groups, the 60-second film festival offers the opportunity to see everyone’s work in a single class period. These short films might respond to a specific prompt (“Teach us about the First Amendment in 60 seconds!”) or might respond more broadly to a theme (“Make a quick film inspired by the theme of revenge”).

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