We lead field trips for adults who love to learn about learning.

Field Studies is an ongoing series of field trips in inspiring locations throughout the Bay Area that ignite conversations about learning in new contexts. We believe that we learn what we do, and Field Studies invites participants to engage in powerful, hands-on experiences that transform our understanding of what learning feels like. The series isn’t only for educators: We’re also excited to meet parents, designers and others who are curious about learning as a process.

Our field trips are based on compelling themes that prompt deep reflection. For example:


Join us to consider the nature of “group work” and how to facilitate it effectively – a critical feature of design-based education – with a rowing workshop on the Oakland Estuary (rowing is “the ultimate team sport”) and a collaborative building project at Girls Garage.


Join us to consider the importance of understand iterative process and revision: We will attend an open rehearsal of the SF Symphony, go behind the scenes at Heath Ceramics’ Sausalito factory, and discuss the “parts, purposes and complexities” protocol of Harvard’s Project Zero.

Citizen Science

Join us for this two-day experience to investigate three different ways of bringing science to life: We’ll begin with a molecular gastronomy course, followed by a workshop at the biotech hackerspace BioCurious and a balloon mapping event led by folks from the Public Lab community.

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