One series, two courses

We host our Creativity 101 workshops several times throughout the year at our home base: Girls Garage in Berkeley, California. We lead each six-hour course separately for a more in-depth experience, but we also combine them into a single Creativity 101 double-header for educators who want both courses in one day. Not based locally? We can lead Campfire and Test Kitchen on your turf, too. Contact us to learn more.


Our Campfire experience offers educators a dedicated time and intimate space to jump-start a creative habit outside of the classroom.

Have you always wanted to write a book, run a marathon, learn to play piano or practice jiu-jitsu? Featuring hands-on provocations and time for deep reflection, Campfire – inspired by a space for personal, and yet communal, reflection – invites participants to consider why it’s often so difficult to start, to practice, and to maintain a creative routine. By the end of the day, participants will recommit to their personal goals and will leave with a reader full of encouragement and inspiration from artists, chefs, athletes, writers, teachers and others who know how difficult it is to do this work.

The Campfire is for educators who are looking for a supportive and inspiring space to acknowledge the challenges of having a creative habit that lives in and beyond their classrooms.

Test Kitchen

Our Test Kitchen offers a unique opportunity for educators of all disciplines to build a personal toolkit of methods for creative teaching.

Inspired by the space that chefs use to develop new recipes with exciting ingredients and professional equipment, our Test Kitchen is a place for teachers to experiment with innovative ideas surrounded by like-minded colleagues. We invite teachers to use our personal collection of books, videos and resources to develop personalized lessons to bring back to their students, and receive high-quality collaborative feedback from their peers. Teachers will leave with a personal toolkit of readings, case studies, planning tools and activities that can be used in the classroom immediately.

The Test Kitchen is for educators who are looking for an innovative space to jump start their creative teaching practice through project-based learning and hands-on making with their students.

“This was a day I sorely needed both personally and professionally. … It allowed me to take a step away from the classroom and reflect on the nature and process of creating, while still keeping my mind on ways I can infuse this type of work into my teaching.”

– Bret Turner, Oakland


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